Simple control

Our vision for what could be achieved was not available on the market, so we invested heavily in research and development to design our own simple control interface. We went back to the drawing board and listened to our client’s requirements, veering away from the complications of traditional controls, toward a simple, efficient and easy to use system. MeSh is the most unique control interface on the market, with the ability to control anything from blinds and curtains to lighting, AV and much more.


Instant reactions

MeSh isn’t app driven; it instantly responds to your touch and presents you with controls immediately. Each touchscreen is designed to take maximum advantage of the power and intelligence of the tablet, bypassing the processor to offer high definition content and increased performance.


Muse music server

Muse is your dedicated music server – Organise, catalogue and manage your favourite high definition music. Instantly accessible throughout your home on Mesh, and automatically synced with iTunes.

Seamless integration with Deezer allows you to discover music like never before. Create artist mixes to listen to more music similar to your favourite artists, or just activate Flow to listen to music based on your listening habits.


Friction free

We believe truly great technology is sleek, discreet and responsive, enabling you to achieve what you want as easily as possible. It has to work all the time, every time. MeSh is always on, meaning it responds instantly and intuitively. With controls installed in every room, any connected appliance can be seamlessly controlled without needing to dip in and out of multiple apps to turn the lights on.


Naturally intuitive

Where traditional controls felt clunky and distracting, MeSh was the first control to offer gesture control, allowing you to flick, swipe and scroll without taking your eyes off the screen.


Landscape viewing

MeSh 3 now allows you to browse in landscape view. Use your Sky planner to check what’s on now, next and later without straying from your live program, easily swipe through your albums in MuSe, and feel more secure with a much wider CCTV interface.

Wake up your way

Our new automated alarm clock function means you can personalise your experience. Choose the time, repeat and ringtone and decide how your connected blinds, lights and entertainment system react when your alarm goes off.

Voice input

Powered by Google, one of the most accurate voice recognition services available, voice input allows you to speak into your MeSh tablet to easily search your content .