We design and install our systems to last. We test everything rigorously and never believe the promises of a manufacturer. However, we understand that sometimes things do go wrong and we promise to be there when they do.

We strongly believe that Aftercare should never be an Afterthought. Our systems are built with support in mind and our aftercare is built with our clients in mind; because why should they expect anything less than around the clock care and support?





Guardian is our remote monitoring and support package that constantly checks the electronic systems. As the name suggests, it is designed to guard, watch over and protect our client’s systems. If guardian detects a drop in performance, our dedicated service team are alerted by email or SMS.
The system is checked and monitored every minute of every day. This means our dedicated service engineers are able to predict, find and fix any faults, often before the client or household is even aware.

Dedicated Team of Experts

Our Service Engineers are focused entirely on providing Aftercare and are not installation engineers who have to be called off to attend ongoing projects. Only by doing this can we commit to providing a professional and rapid response service for the maintenance of the systems in our client’s homes and superyachts. Our Aftercare Centre in Central London brings us even closer to our client’s homes, supported by our in-house hardware technicians and access to a fully stocked supply of spares and parts. When we say we can deliver 24/7 365 days a year of Aftercare, we really mean it.

Fast Response

Our response times are industry leading as our service engineers are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at our dedicated service hub at Kings Cross. Whilst these are easy words to say, we back this up by promising 30-minute response times and 4-hour attendance to emergency calls in London. We appreciate that our client’s lives don’t stop and so the service cover we provide doesn’t stop either.

Tailored to you

We recognise that each client has a unique set of requirements. Every system we provide comes with an aftercare support package specifically tailored with the needs of the particular end-user in mind. Generally, all of our systems are covered by our Elite service package, providing clients with confidence, preventative care, and any support necessary.
After the first year of settling in and familiarising with their new homes or superyachts, almost all of our clients subscribe to continued Guardian monitoring beyond the first year as the benefits become clear.

Achieving the best solution

Our initial free consultation will outline the issues we have found, highlight a range of options to resolve the issues and provide some basic idea of the costs involved.  The better the information we can get about the installation, the faster we can produce a report and work with you towards a better outcome.  We will always try and re-use as much of the existing equipment as possible.

In safe hands

So often with the systems we rescue, no thought has been given to Aftercare, making it almost impossible to service efficiently. We believe Aftercare should never be an Afterthought.
Our dedicated Aftercare service gives our clients peace of mind. They can feel safe in the knowledge that great service and Aftercare does exist; that when we say we offer around the clock support 24/7, 365 days a year, we really do mean it.