If you have ever been left on a site without that essential piece of information, felt like there is no one at the office to back you up or bemoaned the lack of spare parts available, then maybe you should come and chat to Ideaworks. We treat Service seriously.

We design, install and service systems for some of the most high-end London residences and Superyachts around the world. We pride ourselves on the extensive Aftercare service we provide to our clients. In many cases this can be one of the main things that make us the first choice for them: – a pro-active, reliable and diligent service offering which sets us apart from our competitors.

Clients want to know that they are in safe hands and can trust us to take responsibility and ownership of a system one week, one year or five years after installation. What allows us to de-risk a project and take full ownership is the dedicated service support that we offer.

Our high-profile clients dictate that downtime is not an option, with a high dependence on internet connectivity and AV entertainment.  This role demands a high level of technical ability to provide the required service levels.

The service department currently consists of the following staff:

  • Service manager
  • Service supervisor
  • Five dedicated field service engineers
  • An in-house hardware support engineer
  • An aerial and satellite specialist


Experience Needed
  • In-depth knowledge of network troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • In-depth knowledge of trouble shooting and maintaining Cisco switches, routers, firewalls Wireless and Cisco ISE
  • In-depth knowledge of trouble shooting and maintaining of Cisco and Avaya Phone systems
  • In-depth knowledge of trouble shooting and maintaining of HP servers, VMware, Veeam
  • Working knowledge LAN/WAN technology in an IP network
  • Good Understanding of CCNA and/or CCNP
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Providing network technical guidance to a service team
  • Training and developing other service staff
  • Well organised, diligent and taking pride in the job.
  • A team player


If you have the desire to work within a high-performing team, playing a part in building, evolving and maintaining a world class service team then we want to hear from you.

Get in touch today!

  • Benefits

    From laptops to credit cards, every role at Ideaworks has individual needs. We ensure that all our staff have everything they need to excel, down to the clothes on their back. If we expect you to do your job properly, you can expect us to provide the right tools and benefits you require for your specific role.

  • Company credit card

    to charge your expenses to; because why should you spend your money and wait for a refund. Just hand in your receipts and we will take care of the rest.

  • Smartphone

    iPhones are standard issue because we manage and handle these centrally. If you ever lose your phone, the content is securely handled. That’s great news for you and our clients, as private and company information cannot be extracted from a lost phone.

  • Laptops

    Not everybody needs these, but anyone who does will get the best new laptop we can find, to allow you to work fast and efficiently.

  • Centrally held information

    Wherever you are, you can log onto our secure servers and get the most up to date information, drawings and programs relating to the project.

  • ai and internal company communication

    ai (amazing inside) is our way of keeping everybody in touch. Book a holiday, see who is working where, share news (good or bad), keep up to date on the Foosball league, access templates, project information and everything you need to work; wherever you are.

  • Travel

    There are fantastic opportunities to travel to some of the most glamorous locations in the world for those who want it. You have the choice of full time positions in the UK, Italy, South of France, or Germany (more offices planned) or just to travel to our many unique project destinations. Travel, accommodation and subsistence payments are designed to make this time away from home enjoyable.

  • Locations

    We are primarily based in Faversham, Kings Cross and Great Portland Street in London; that way we make the most of the only high-speed train connection in the UK. Travelling out from the office? We cover it. If a train doesn’t cover it, we have company pool cars for those who don’t get a company car. Regular deliveries to our projects from our Technical Centre in Faversham into London means you can travel light and fast.

  • Uniforms

    No, we don’t have a uniform. We do have shirts, jackets and safety wear so you can stay smart, safe and represent us well on our projects.

  • Training and progression

    From our Training Academy program, where we head into local schools to introduce our industry and attract the best candidates, through our Graduate Scheme that exchanges proper wages for the brightest candidates, all the way through to continued professional development of our existing teams; we know that in order to have the best skills, we have to train our staff.

    We agree with Richard Branson that we should “train people well enough so they can leave…treat them well enough so they don’t want to”.

  • Tools

    Whatever it is: phone, hammer, laptop, power tools, measuring equipment, calibration tools; we make sure you are fully tooled up for the best outcome.

  • Free fruit

    We receive a weekly fresh fruit delivery, to help you keep a balanced diet. This has become a huge hit with staff who get to enjoy fresh seasonal fruit from a local distributor, completely free of charge.

  • Take your birthday off!

    Let’s face it, not many people really like working on their birthday. That’s why we allow all our staff to take an additional day of paid holiday on their birthday. If you don’t want to come in on your birthday…don’t!

  • All the normal stuff

    Pensions, relocation, flexible working, childcare vouchers. You tell us what is important to you and we will seek to build a package that works best for your circumstances.