About the Experience Centre

The Ideaworks Experience Centre houses a number of exclusive, ground-breaking technologies such as Dolby Atmos and CoeLux alongside an array of inspirational digital artworks, lighting innovations and one of the highest specification private cinemas outside of the US. Far more than a showroom, the centre acts as a forum to discover and experience amazing ideas and innovations, playing host to launch parties, CPDs, networking events and meetings.

CoeLux artificial skylight

CoeLux plays with the limitations of human perception. It creates the illusion of openness in otherwise sun-starved spaces, accurately recreating the natural phenomenon that makes the sky blue; impacting our psyche in a way that has to be experienced to be believed.
Heralded as the most innovative lighting source of 2014, CoeLux is the legacy of the sun and the sky, bringing the feeling of natural sunlight to any space.


Dolby Atmos

There is an art to creating an immersive cinema experience and Dolby Atmos is already changing how we use sound. Our Dolby Atmos demonstration is simultaneously built around JBL Synthesis, which we feel represents the highest quality dedicated cinema speaker system in the industry.

Philips LivingSculpture

Designed by Christopher Bauder/WHITEvoid, we exhibited the Philips LivingSculpture 3D module system during our OLED season. As lovers of creative lighting it goes without saying that the modular OLED system had our attention from the word go; so much so that we decided to keep it and show it off whenever we have visitors!

Immersive cinema

The Experience Centre immersive cinema is one of the highest specification, publicly accessible private cinemas in the UK, with a 4.5m acoustically-transparent curved projection screen with motorised side masking, a custom JBL Synthesis system built around JBL Sysnthesis Project Everest speakers and SIS-EX 18″ sub-woofers, custom Dolby Atmos audio using Trinnov processing, a Sim2 projector with anamorphic lens and DBOX motion seating.

Control systems

We have been designing control systems for over thirty years. Our dedicated User Experience team constantly refine our industry leading interface in order to ensure the control of our client’s homes is effortless and joyful. Some prefer tactile buttons, some prefer voice control and others prefer touchscreens. The Experience Centre showcases the range of available systems side by side, allowing the client to compare and make an informed choice.

Curtains and blinds

We have a range of motorised curtains and blinds on display at the Experience Centre, with a range of fabrics and finishes, allowing for a side-by-side comparison on the tiny details that you have to live with, such as motor noise, speed and of course, style.

Interactive video art

For many years we have worked closely with creators of interactive, digital and video artworks. From melting “Ice” video walls, digital fish tanks and jungle scenes through to 3D module OLED sculptures and interactive window displays.