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Although we have over 120 staff, we still cultivate the same atmosphere that we had when we could all fit around a pub table for our annual Christmas party, a staff only affair with ample opportunity to wind down at the end of the year. We also have an annual, family focussed summer party with plenty of food, drink and entertainment. We know that a young family can offer challenges, and we are always flexible, offering support and advice whenever it’s needed.


The heart of Ideaworks is based in the historic Kent town of Faversham, providing the quiet countryside backdrop for our busy company. Both our Design Studio and Technical Centre are based in Faversham and we have a new design office in Central London, not forgetting The London Experience Centre; a place for clients and industry professionals to experience first-hand the latest technologies that we are working with.

ai (amazing inside)

ai is the heartbeat of the company, an intranet available via a browser or mobile anywhere in the world. Instant access to templates, a huge knowledge base, all the latest news and events, a social network and so much more.


A company that has a Research and Development team that both constantly push the boundaries of what we can offer and also seek to destroy all technology before we think about specifying it in our client’s homes – that’s us!


We know that the future of Ideaworks relies on a strong workforce. All our employees are offered serious real-world training and mentorship from our extraordinary team, to help them succeed in their role. Our size and relationships with suppliers mean that we are also frequently beta testers for products before they are released, meaning we are always a step ahead. We invest in our people and are passionate about progressing your career. It’s in our DNA. All senior management started off making the tea!


“That will do” does not exist. If you have ever been left frustrated that you did not have the time to do the right thing or that you were not given sufficient training: You need to join Ideaworks. Corners are never cut, “good enough” is never good enough. We’re perfectionists: it’s no good if it’s not precise. We don’t do guesswork or ‘that’ll do’ – we take care of the details to the Nth degree.


From laptops to credit cards, every role at Ideaworks has individual needs. We ensure that all our staff have everything they need to excel, down to the clothes on their back. If we expect you to do your job properly, you can expect us to provide the right tools for the job.

Best Company 2018

We are delighted to have been recognised for the third consecutive year as a Best Company which demonstrates an exceptional commitment to excellence in the workplace, communication and culture.

As good as it is to be recognised as an excellent place to work, it was more important to receive feedback on how our teams feel about their ability to support our clients. We scored extremely highly on the below five statements:

‘This organisation provides a great service to its clients.’
‘This organisation can be trusted by our clients.’
‘We are constantly seeking to improve the service we offer here.’
‘We have the freedom to do what is needed to provide a great service for our clients.’
‘I have the support I need to provide a great service.’


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