ai (amazing inside)

ai is the heartbeat of the company, an intranet available via a browser or mobile anywhere in the world. Instant access to templates, a huge knowledge base, all the latest news and events, a social network and so much more. When you join Ideaworks you are introduced to your mentor who will be there to help but you will also have a simple button on your homepage that will guide you through everything you need to know – the history of the company, how to book holiday, who to go to for help … it’s all instantly available!

Our People

Your first day at Ideaworks. A company with over 130 staff across 6 buildings in three countries, it could be daunting but ai provides a helping hand. Clicking on the people app brings up details of all our employees; their contact details, their job role, their skills, their interests outside of work and even a photo so you know who you are talking to!


Our internal communication is a private social network just like Facebook but with fewer pictures of cats. You can follow and tag fellow employees, share documents, ask questions or simply find out who is heading into town tonight.

Knowledge Base

We recognise that when a client employs us, they expect to benefit from the knowledge we have gained over the last three decades, not just the knowledge of their appointed team. The knowledge base within ai provides a simply enormous wealth of information. All the articles are approved by a topic expert but they are actually created by anyone in the company who wants to share their experiences.

Celebrate Success

Our bonus culture is not based on profitability or sales but on how often an individual is recognised for five simple traits that we believe are core to what makes us Ideaworks. Anyone within the company can nominate anyone else through ai for something amazing they did. This is tallied up at the end of the year and those that nominate and are nominated the most get the most pennies.


When new employees join Ideaworks, they are always astounded by how much information is available to all. Details of new projects that are coming up, how the company is performing, promotions and new joiners and so much more, its all available in the News channel on ai. We passionately believe that no matter what role you take or how junior you are, you deserve to be kept in the loop and feel secure about your future.