Industry leading Lighting Design

For nearly thirty years we’ve specialised in lighting design for high end homes and superyachts, bringing together the best design aspects of both. We design a lot of highly contemporary schemes, where detailing the light makes a huge impact. We are constantly striving to offer the best possible lighting design service and provide an enhanced experience.



Technical lighting design

Our technical lighting design service, we believe, goes a step further than other consultancies that only provide a creative design. Utilising our deep understanding of the control systems, drivers and the latest lighting technology we design schemes to provide a simple, reliable system using the best possible quality fittings.


Decorative lighting design

All our residential lighting schemes are designed around the principle that they must create a warm, relaxed and inviting living space, adding additional lighting touches to create entertaining and exciting surroundings. The lighting scheme must add to the drama of the interior design yet provide a good level of illumination over furniture and living spaces. Finally, they must be flexible around the way people live in their homes, fully dimmable from bright to candle light illumination and really simple to use.


Creative lighting design

Lighting plays a crucial role in how we visualise the world around us. Apart from the obvious requirement for light to see, it can be used to help define or obscure shapes, lead the eye, add drama, focus our attention or simply be playful. Its temperature can be used to play to our natural circadian rhythm making us feel more alert and energised or warm and cosy.

Our creative designers look to use lighting to enhance each space; internal or external, and use dynamic design where applicable using innovative adaptive lighting or layered lighting scenes to change how space or a landscape is seen at different times. Our creative team can provide a fresh design from scratch, or work with the appointed design team to help bring their ideas to reality.


Experience in multiple areas

Ideaworks is different from other lighting consultancies, due to our experience in multiple areas. Our lighting designers work closely with lighting control engineers, product designers, AV designers, I.T. Engineers and window treatment designers, giving us a wealth of highly valuable skills and experience. Our lighting designers come from a range of backgrounds, including product design, architecture, events lighting and theatre lighting design, all mixed together to create a fantastic design team.


Understand the control and technology

We have been designing, building and installing lighting control systems for over twenty-five years, using Lutron and Crestron components. We led the digital revolution in lighting control in the UK residential market, moving control over to digital DALI and DMX systems that provide huge cost, space and heat savings over traditional phase and 0-10v control systems. The ability to design and provide bespoke keypads in all forms is an important feature to our clients, especially in marine projects.