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Up to now you could hang a big TV on the wall…Now TV is THE WALL

Samsungs new “The Wall” gives you a scalable video surface using micro-LED to fill a whole wall.  The ability to mimic its surrounds gives the user the option to choose the impact of their viewing experience. Chameleon like, it’s just the matching wall surface when its off; no more big black void. Multi-screen for gaming, a giant desk top of Apps, interactive artwork, view multiple sports fixtures, watch a wide screen movie from the front row or the back row; you choose.  The most immersive sports experience ever.  4K to 8K depending on the size of your wall.

Come see for yourself at the Ideaworks Monaco Showroom, 13 rue de la Turbie, 98000, during the Monaco Yacht Show 2018.

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Kevin Andrews on Linkedin
Kevin Andrews
Founder at Ideaworks
Kevin has been the technical driving force of Ideaworks since its inception in 1985. He continues an involvement in all large projects and establishes the technical approach for the company. Working closely with the Design and Engineering Teams, he also has close relationships with technology innovators in all associated industries. This has allowed him to keep Ideaworks at the very edge of new technologies; whilst making sure that clients are not exposed to these technologies until they have been proved viable in our own R&D labs.

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