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Team Ideaworks at the HQR Cup – 12 Hour Charity Cyclothon


It was just short of a year ago when a pub conversation about a friendly competition turned into a commitment to enter the HQR cup. I will be honest, what seemed like a nice challenge with an opportunity to raise some money for charity and support HQR London turned out to be far more of a challenge than we expected.


What is the HQR Cup ?

The HQR cup is a friendly competition between those that support HQR London as part of the yearly Cyclothon endurance challenge based at the Brands Hatch race circuit in Kent. The Cyclothon is essentially a team relay race, as it turns out a very competitive race with some real athletes as well as a huge bunch of people having loads of fun. It unfolds over 12 hours around the Brands Hatch GP race track with the winner decided by which team can complete the most number of laps within the 12 hours.


Our Team

Our team of merry (ok not that merry at 5am on a slightly wet and cold race track) were made up of Myself, Doug Wood, Peter Link, Angus Cousins (all from Ideaworks) along with Christopher Miners of Christopher Miners and Mark Murphy from Exclusive Residential. Boy did those guys work hard and yet still keep smiling and laughing throughout.


Starters Orders…. Bang

Right out of the gate we very quickly learned our game plan was waaaaayyy out of line with everyone else. What we thought would be an endurance race was actually a team sprint and our plan to go out on track for an hour each was a very bad one. It was like watching the sprint finish on a grand tour with teams laying down average speeds of 32kph, uphill !!!. An immediate puncture meant our best rider running 50% of his first lap and our next guy pulling out of the pits with half a protein bar still in his mouth. From then on it was a case of completing 2 to 3 laps each as hard and fast as possible before turning into the pits for a flying handover to the next team member.


And so it continues…

The next 12 hours were filled with A LOT of hard work, I didn’t know it was actually possible to make a heart rate monitor go past its maximum reading, apparently it is. Of course mixed into the hard work was a lot of laughing, supporting and poking fun at fellow team members. Given any chance we would monitor the lap times on our freshly installed 70″ (thanks LG) or turn the music up just a little bit louder. It was great to see the other HQR teams chatting, joking and competing with just the right amount of mix.


The end

After all the hard work, pain and jelly babies it came down to one lap between us and the quite frankly superhuman Darke and Taylor team. Our strategy had to change from 3 laps each to 2 and then 1. I would like to claim it was a clever tactic, one we had honed by working with the owners of formula one teams that we are lucky enough to call clients. It wasn’t, we were so broken 1 lap each was all we could push out. That said Chris Miners did manage his fastest lap of the whole day on his final one so kudos to that !. With one person left to go out before the final cut off we sent out our human missile Peter Link (a little secret here, Pete does race every weekend and he is really good). Pete crossed the line along with a group of others in the dying light with the rain starting to fall and Victor Ubogu waving the chequered flag.


The Charity

We are really proud to have supported HQR London and we will continue to do so but we are also really proud to have supported a charity chosen by everyone at Ideaworks. Smashing our goal thanks to everyone who donated. Our chosen charity was 4Louis, a charity that is very close to the hearts of our Ideaworks family. 4Louis provide useful tools, equipment and training free of charge to hospital units, hospices and other professionals who sadly have the job of comforting grieving families who suffer a miscarriage, Stillbirth Neonatal or child death.

The fundraising page is still open and there is still time to donate until next week, you can do so here;


Next Time

You will notice I glossed over the part about who actually won ;-). Well done team Darke and Taylor, after all it is the taking part that counts.. until next year…

Jamie Denny

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