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It’s not glamorous, but the supply of lighting equipment to any project is crucial to its success. Whether you’re delivering drivers, plaster kits, or light fittings, a successful supply chain can make (or worryingly, break) a project.

Thanks to years of experience as independent lighting designers, we’ve learnt – through some (okay, a lot of!) pain – the importance of this supply chain. As a result, we’ve invested heavily in our infrastructure, buildings, and have an entire department of project managers, engineers, and assembly technicians ready to deliver these full lighting packages to projects. That means, from the initial lighting concepts by our creative team, to way beyond the last delivery to site, you’ll have Ideaworks by your side every step of the way.

Whether you’re a main contractor, electrical contractor, end client, technical house manager, or anybody with any vested interest, here are nine things that will make your life easy:


1) Competitive Tenders, and Value Engineered Options

To you, we’re a single supplier, and will competitively price all products to form a single package. We’re still 100% independent of manufacturers, so if we’ve done the creative design, the fittings will be the best for the job. If budgets are tight, we’ll also provide value engineered options, should this be required.


2) Credit Terms, and Finance Agreements

To make things easy for you, we’ll happily offer you a line of credit on our packages should you need it, subject to the appropriate checks. Furthermore, if it works for you to pay monthly on project completion, we can explore this for you.


3) Dedicated Project Management

From start to finish, you’ll have an experienced and dedicated project manager, who will see the project through from quotation to post-completion.


4) Delivery Timelines

You’ll receive a full schedule of project lead times, and we’ll develop a firm delivery schedule with you once the payment terms are agreed.


5) On-Site Assistance

As part of the package, you’ll be entitled to visits by our specialist lighting engineering department to educate your team on the specified products and control systems, and assist with any issues.


6) Assembly and Testing

For easy installation, we’ll come to site and measure linear LED, and fabricate it offsite. Downlights will be connected to drivers, and all fittings, as far as possible, are fully tested before reaching you.


7) Organised Packaging

We make distributing equipment around your project painless, by delivering the equipment in a logical manner. Dependent on your requirements, this will be by room, area, floor, etc – it really doesn’t matter if you’re working on a studio apartment or an airport.


8) Free Deliveries

Based on certain criteria, such as location and scheduling, deliveries are completely free. Where they’re not we’ll be as transparent as possible so there are no nasty surprises.


9) Aftercare and Warranty

The full manufacturers’ warranty on all items will be extended to you, and you’ll be entitled to one year’s onsite support for failed fittings and drivers.

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James Siddle
Senior Technical Lighting Designer at Ideaworks Ltd

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