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Everyone wants their technology to be simple to use and they expect reliability as a given.

At Ideaworks, we are always shooting for 100%.  But simplicity isn’t a point you reach; it’s a destination we set.  This starts with the part of the system our Clients will touch a hundred times a day. We want every touch to count.



Turn is the simplest of human interactions; a simple dial that turns the lights on or off, up or down, brighter or darker.  It needs no explanation. Clockwise ON, anti-clockwise OFF.  A single swipe across the curved glass face and you control temperature, blinds or curtains.  Carved from solid blocks of aluminium, with a high specification bearing and beautiful finishes.  Finally, a high quality, precision instrument you use every day like a treasured watch.

Mesh room control strips away confusion and filters the experience down to what you really want to use. No features for features sake.  Not an “App for everything” but a crafted single solution that makes sense; making every part of your control looks and feel like one.  Graded so what you use every day is in one place; and everything you might ever need is embedded within it.  No “auto updates”. Always ON. Always ready.

Simple and Reliable are easy words to say, and are used by many to describe home technology solutions.  These two factors are often the starting point to most of our conversations with clients. But that expectation of simple and reliable is not just for the device in their hand or the switch on their wall.  It extends to the company they trust to design and install it, their craftsmanship, their expertise and most importantly their Aftercare.

At Ideaworks, we want to aim for perfection. If that fits with what you want for your home or yacht, then we would love to listen.


Chris Jones on Linkedin
Chris Jones
Managing Director at Ideaworks
Since joining Ideaworks from university in 1999, Chris has been involved with the design and delivery of connected technologies within high end homes around the world. Over the past decade, he has played an integral role in shaping the company as well as leading major projects.
Chris has held various positions during his career at Ideaworks which are indicative of his diverse skillset. Product Designer, Project Manager, Quality Manager, Operation Director…to name a few. He is passionate about simplifying the complicated and refining processes to better serve clients. Chris is happiest when he knows his team are happy. He remains committed to creating a positive working environment where everyone can achieve their potential.

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