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We are delighted to hear that following Best Companies’ confidential survey, our team’s responses mean that we have been awarded a Best Companies accreditation for the third consecutive year.

The Best Companies’ methodology is widely recognised as an accurate measure of workplace engagement. It provides valuable insight into levels of staff satisfaction and takes into consideration how employees think and feel about their organisation, role, team members, manager, career prospects, work-life balance, pay/benefits and the company’s ethics.


The results help to inform and guide us how true we are staying to our four guiding principles:

We make it easy
We set the bar high; really high
We treat fellow colleagues like friends and family
We deliver work we are proud of.


In fact, the five factors at Ideaworks that topped the hundreds of factors the survey looks at really do show that we continue to drive the company in a direction that honours those values.

  1. I feel proud to work for this organisation.
  2. I am excited about where this organisation is going.
  3. This job is good for personal growth.
  4. I love working for this organisation.
  5. I have confidence in the leadership skills of my manager.


What makes me even more proud is the top five responses in the section that specifically looks at how we look after our clients:

  1. This organisation provides a great service to its clients.
  2. This organisation can be trusted by our clients.
  3. We are constantly seeking to improve the service we offer here.
  4. We have the freedom to do what is needed to provide a great service for our clients.
  5. I have the support I need to provide a great service.


We have lots of ideas in the pipeline to continue improving everything at Ideaworks and look forward to the year ahead!

If you are looking for a company where you can start or further your career either in the UK or in the South of France then contact us.


Chris Jones on Linkedin
Chris Jones
Managing Director at Ideaworks
Since joining Ideaworks from university in 1999, Chris has been involved with the design and delivery of connected technologies within high end homes around the world. Over the past decade, he has played an integral role in shaping the company as well as leading major projects.
Chris has held various positions during his career at Ideaworks which are indicative of his diverse skillset. Product Designer, Project Manager, Quality Manager, Operation Director…to name a few. He is passionate about simplifying the complicated and refining processes to better serve clients. Chris is happiest when he knows his team are happy. He remains committed to creating a positive working environment where everyone can achieve their potential.