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We were delighted to help facilitate the UK launch of Master & Dynamic’s MA770 Wireless Speaker. Our Experience Centre is often used as a venue for exclusive product launches, but this was a product we were particularly excited about. It embodies our own company ethos; that innovation comes through collaboration.

The speaker was co-designed by renowned architect Sir David Adjaye. Although an architect and premium audio brand might appear to be an unlikely partnership, as David explains, they had lots in common. “Throughout my career, I have sought to cross creative platforms and to collaborate with designers from different disciplines. I also admired Jonathan and the Master & Dynamic team. There was symmetry between our desires to push boundaries; to seek innovation. It felt like the perfect partnership for this new venture.”

When both partners are known for their distinctive premium materials and sensory-focussed craftsmanship, it is no surprise that they created a speaker that was truly unique. “This was a celebration of Sir David Adjaye’s incredible talent and vision that inspired our collaboration on the MA770. We imagined a bold, immersive new wireless speaker that transforms the listening and aesthetic experience for music lovers. It was our biggest project yet” says Jonathan Levine, founder and CEO, Master & Dynamic.

Jonathan adds, “David’s signature geometric orientation and sleek forms are apparent in the MA770, making it an instant icon in the audio space and beyond.” Made of a proprietary concrete composite, it is almost sculpture-like in appearance; with acoustic benefits such as increased dampening, a purer sound, and added durability. It is, simultaneously, a sophisticated piece of technology and a work of art.

David’s brother, sound artist and composer Peter Adjaye, has been composing scores to enhance the experience of David’s buildings since the early 2000s. Last year they launched a collection of soundscapes together called ‘Dialogues’, inspired by David’s buildings. He created a playlist specifically for the occasion where guests could enjoy a personal listening experience.

“It seemed very fitting that the launch event was a collaboration of different talents too”, says Chris Jones, Managing Director, Ideaworks. “Our acoustically treated private cinema proved to be the perfect environment to experience the aural properties of the speaker. It was an absolute pleasure to be involved.”

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Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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