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Back in the day, when touch screens first appeared, programming automatically fell to the engineer on the project.  Selecting between square and round buttons and two typefaces were the only choices.  Adding more choices only lead to increased opportunity to inflict our own taste on the “graphic user interface”.

Two of the three designs above actually won awards….who knows what for?

Nowadays our User Experience is based both on how things look and even more, how they work. Our Crestron programmers are no longer a single type of skill set. We don’t just hire for skills; we hire for attitude.

Some programmers do spend their time in the office writing the back-end to our systems. Many have come up through the ranks, trained hard and built a set of skills in a particular area.  They will have worked alongside and learnt from some of the Crestron veterans (sorry guys, but you have been here 20 years or more!)  They build the heart of every system. 

Many of our programming team enjoy the travel and experience that comes with commissioning some of the biggest yacht and residential projects around the world.  They crave the satisfaction of pressing the button and seeing it happen; live, on an enormous scale.  Scary but satisfying.

Some of our Programmers create bespoke code and enjoy pushing the boundaries of what is possible. For over 25 years we have enjoyed a close relationship with Crestron, this gives us the opportunity to share in the testing and development of new products and features.  There is the chance to add new skills like KNX to your personal development profile. 

Although we have a team, each person in that team has the potential to adapt their role so that it makes best use of their skills. Cogs need not apply. We are not looking for a cog in the machine.

If you fancy building your role and joining our Crestron programming team, then let’s meet up for coffee and see how we can make that work for you.

Kevin Andrews on Linkedin
Kevin Andrews
Founder at Ideaworks
Kevin has been the technical driving force of Ideaworks since its inception in 1985. He continues an involvement in all large projects and establishes the technical approach for the company. Working closely with the Design and Engineering Teams, he also has close relationships with technology innovators in all associated industries. This has allowed him to keep Ideaworks at the very edge of new technologies; whilst making sure that clients are not exposed to these technologies until they have been proved viable in our own R&D labs.

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