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Along with fostering talent within the business, we also foster talent outside of the business. Tyba Design, a design house funded by Ideaworks, have won a prestigious A’ Design award for one of their first products.  Thirty years of listening to our Clients has given us the hunger, the funding and the talent to start making products that are the direct result of our Clients feedback. Not only are those products now available to our Clients but now also to a much wider market.

So we should share the credit for this first product with our Clients; thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experiences of technology in your homes.  Your demands for a simple physical device that was also capable of multiple functions was what we heard and what Turn delivers.  

Turn takes the simplest of human interactions and, taking advantage of new swipe technology, simplified the three most used functions in a room into a single elegant gesture.  Lights. Blinds. Temperature. All this wrapped in a machined aluminium case that feels more like an expensive watch than a domestic appliance.

After receiving a full patent, Turn has been exhibited at a number of Yacht and Trade shows since its inception. Thanks also has to go to Fred Bargettzi of Crestron for embracing Turn and allowing us to make it part of their family of connected products via an accredited Crestron Module.  Turn also has a module for KNX to take into multiple Connected Home infrastructures.

The A’Design Awards and Competition was founded to highlight and advocate good design, designers and design orientated companies. Turn was a winner in the Digital and Electronic Devices Design Category. “Every element of Turn has been designed to create an incredible user experience,” adds Oz “we are really pleased that this has been recognised.”

Chris Jones on Linkedin
Chris Jones
Managing Director at Ideaworks
Since joining Ideaworks from university in 1999, Chris has been involved with the design and delivery of connected technologies within high end homes around the world. Over the past decade, he has played an integral role in shaping the company as well as leading major projects.
Chris has held various positions during his career at Ideaworks which are indicative of his diverse skillset. Product Designer, Project Manager, Quality Manager, Operation Director…to name a few. He is passionate about simplifying the complicated and refining processes to better serve clients. Chris is happiest when he knows his team are happy. He remains committed to creating a positive working environment where everyone can achieve their potential.

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