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Ideaworks have been providing work experience opportunities and University placements for over 20 years. Some of our management team, including Chris Jones our Managing Director, haven’t left since theirs! However, this is the first year we have been offering apprenticeships. We currently have four Apprentices working here; Christian and Max in Procurement and Logistics, Beth in our Finance team and Charlie in our IT department.

Christian and Max are studying Business Administration alongside working with our Stores team. “If I’m honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect before I started at Ideaworks,” says Christian “but the people are fantastic and I am really enjoying it. Every day I learn something new”. Max originally first met us through our Training Academy in September 2015. “Ideaworks really helped me understand the inner workings of a firm. I was able to explore different career options that I might like to pursue” says Max “From the electrical skills I gained after spending two weeks with the rackbuild team, I even managed to re-wire and bring back to life my family’s lawn mower”.

When Beth was first employed by Ideaworks it was to complete administrative tasks during her school holidays. “I loved it here so much I continued to work part-time even when I went back to College” she explains.” I had planned on studying Health and Social Care but working with the Finance Department made me rethink what I wanted from my career”. Beth has recently accepted the full-time role of Credit Controller and is really looking forward to the new challenges it will bring. “I was always under the impression that finance roles were boring, but I should have known nothing about Ideaworks is ever boring!”

Charlie works in our IT Department but has already made a big impression on everyone at Ideaworks. “He has only been with us a few weeks” says Steven Gaffoor, Charlie’s mentor, “but he has already taught us a valuable lesson; never underestimate an Apprentice”. Steven is referring to when Charlie took part in our Go-Karting evening at Buckmore Park. “We all took it for granted that Charlie didn’t have a driving license, but it turns out he’s an amateur Karter and beat us all!”

Although he is not officially an apprentice, we wanted to share Matt Karim’s story too. Matt started with Ideaworks in 2014 during his school Summer holidays. He now works part-time in our rackbuild team whilst studying Engineering. “Ideaworks has helped me find skills I didn’t know I had,” he says “My biggest achievement was when I wired my first Surgex, even though everyone else completed this quicker than me. My goal was to complete it all by myself and that’s what I did. It gave me a real sense of achievement and helped build my confidence”.

“We hope that by offering apprenticeships we will continue to attract such a great mix of people, skills and ideas” says Chris Jones. “Although, anyone considering work experience, an apprenticeship or placement year at Ideaworks should be warned; you might never leave…”

If you would like to find out more about our apprenticeships or joining our team please get in touch via the links on our vacancies page.

Chris Jones on Linkedin
Chris Jones
Managing Director at Ideaworks
Since joining Ideaworks from university in 1999, Chris has been involved with the design and delivery of connected technologies within high end homes around the world. Over the past decade, he has played an integral role in shaping the company as well as leading major projects.
Chris has held various positions during his career at Ideaworks which are indicative of his diverse skillset. Product Designer, Project Manager, Quality Manager, Operation Director…to name a few. He is passionate about simplifying the complicated and refining processes to better serve clients. Chris is happiest when he knows his team are happy. He remains committed to creating a positive working environment where everyone can achieve their potential.

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