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Chris Jones was recently announced as the new Managing Director of Ideaworks. Since he started in 1999, the company has changed considerably. “When I joined there were nine people and we worked out of a tiny little office in Wye. Our office was the rack build facility and warehouse, boxes were stored on desks.” Says Chris. “It was crazy, it was fun; it’s a different kind of fun now. We didn’t do half of the things we do now.”

As Ideaworks has grown into a company with over 160 people in five offices, Chris’ role has changed too. He started as a placement student and has progressed into roles including Project Manager, Senior Project Designer, General Manager, Operations Manager and most recently as Operations Director and the company’s Quality Manager.

We have created the following video to show that although Chris’ career journey at Ideaworks is special, it is not unique. “We have a strong company culture of investing in our own talent,” explains Kevin, Founder of Ideaworks, “We must continually evolve to meet the changing needs of our Clients by developing the skills we are best at.”

If you would like to find out more about joining our team please get in touch via the links on our vacancies pages or Linkedin.

Kevin Andrews on Linkedin
Kevin Andrews
Founder at Ideaworks
Kevin has been the technical driving force of Ideaworks since its inception in 1985. He continues an involvement in all large projects and establishes the technical approach for the company. Working closely with the Design and Engineering Teams, he also has close relationships with technology innovators in all associated industries. This has allowed him to keep Ideaworks at the very edge of new technologies; whilst making sure that clients are not exposed to these technologies until they have been proved viable in our own R&D labs.

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