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I’m delighted to announce that Chris Jones has been appointed Managing Director of Ideaworks.

Chris is a prime example of our philosophy of growing our own talent throughout the company, having joined us straight from university in 1999, working as a Junior Designer before progressing through the company in many roles including Project Manager, Senior Project Designer, General Manager, Operations Manager and most recently as Operations Director and the company’s Quality Manager.

In reality, Chris has increasingly been taking on the role of Managing Director over the last three years, so this announcement is more a case of titles catching up with reality than any sudden change in structure. However, as the company has grown (in 2017 we’ll have over 160 people in 5 offices, working in the UK and worldwide) the role of Managing Director has grown increasingly demanding, requiring someone who thrives in refining process from complexity, who understands all our clients and partners, and who cares about the shape of the business going forward. Chris is exactly the man for the job.

With Chris now Managing Director, my new job title is “Founder”. Completing the handover of MD role to Chris allows me to focus on what I do best, and why I started the company: exploring emerging trends and technologies to create and develop new ideas and products that really benefit our Clients – and taking Ideaworks into new areas as a world leading innovative and creative company that Clients and their teams want to work with.

I would like to congratulate Chris on his new role and look forward to seeing him lead Ideaworks through 2017 and beyond.

Kevin Andrews on Linkedin
Kevin Andrews
Founder at Ideaworks
Kevin has been the technical driving force of Ideaworks since its inception in 1985. He continues an involvement in all large projects and establishes the technical approach for the company. Working closely with the Design and Engineering Teams, he also has close relationships with technology innovators in all associated industries. This has allowed him to keep Ideaworks at the very edge of new technologies; whilst making sure that clients are not exposed to these technologies until they have been proved viable in our own R&D labs.

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