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Yachts serve many functions. They are often needed as a venue for lively parties as well as tranquil spaces to relax, all the while being practical for day-to-day living. Lighting plays an integral role in creating the perfect space and there is rarely a one-size-fits all solution.

When considering lighting in any space it is important to understand how that space should feel as well as look. The capabilities of altering the mood of a space extend far beyond being able to dim the lights. The whole dynamic on board can be changed through utilising indirect light, combining low and high level lighting and changing colour temperatures. Spaces can be brought to life at night through clever lighting techniques and layering the light to add contrast without looking overly dark or too bright.

Technological advancements have strongly influenced the light fittings specified on yachts in recent years. It is now possible to install intelligent white lighting technology which means walking from a glorious sun-soaked deck into a dingy cabin is a problem of the past. LEDs are programmed to mimic sunlight and promote the body’s natural circadian rhythms. Artificial light can change colour temperature as the day progresses; producing cool light in the morning to help awaken and invigorate then moving to warmer light as the day progresses to promote relaxation.

An innovative way to incorporate lighting within a build has been introduced by oneA. They have launched a multi-purpose panel mounting ring that can be incorporated into a deckhead. Paul Richardson, our Lighting Design Manager, explains “It’s ideal for use onboard as the same fitting can seamlessly accommodate different styles of light as well as speakers or air vents all the while being a flush installation available in a choice of finishes”.

The capabilities of light in any home, on land or at sea, are becoming as limitless as your imagination.

Ideaworks will be exhibiting oneA lighting at MYS 2016 on stand QP39

Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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