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Yachts are all about escaping. In reality though, owners and their guests do not want to compromise on the technology that enhances their lives. We have the same attitude towards all the homes we work on, whether on land or at sea; compromise is simply not an option.

Our preferred music solution for superyachts is exactly the same as in our most technologically advanced high-end homes, a system called Muse from Tyba. You would be forgiven for underestimating Muse. At just one rack space tall and with a sleek chrome finish the box is enough of a showpiece to keep on display if necessary. In fact, it is the most space efficient audio system available so perfect for installations onboard where space is tight.

Muse allows you to listen to and browse music independently through the same interface regardless of whether content is sourced from iTunes, the radio or the internet. This is great for use onboard as it gives you access to stored music, as well as online content when you have the bandwidth available.

It is fully integrated with the music streaming service Deezer so you can choose from over 40 million tracks wherever you are in the world. Oz Andrews, Technology Director of Tyba, explains “Of course, there are other music streaming services which we could have chosen to use in our Muse system. However, user experience was at the forefront of our decision-making process. Deezer have a truly global service and their music library is second to none”.

You can choose to have the same music playing in every room, or have different music playing in up to 64 zones. The system is also scalable so just 4 Muse could provide 256 individual music streams. Enough for every area onboard!

Ideaworks will be exhibiting Muse at MYS 2016 on stand QP39

Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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