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Ideaworks are delighted to announce that Oz Andrews has been appointed Technology Director.

Ideaworks led the introduction of home technology over thirty years ago when it introduced products such as Audioaccess (the wired precursor to what we know as Sonos today) and started installing multi-room audio into homes. Also a founding member of CEDIA UK, Ideaworks has grown over the last thirty years to become one of the largest and most professional companies in the industry with over 140 staff and six offices around the world. This growth has been built on a culture of innovation.

Oz Andrews’ appointment as a Director reflects his leadership in that innovation success, including products such as Mesh and Muse.

As Technology Director, Oz is responsible for anticipating and defining the future technology needs of our clients. He investigates new and emerging technologies and assesses how we could hone them to improve the quality of our client’s lives. Whilst the role may sound like it is a hunt for the ‘next big thing’, what is equally important is identifying what isn’t the next big thing and as such is unworthy of our client’s budgets or time.

We look forward to the next thirty years of leading the industry, through listening to our clients and improving their quality of life through innovation.

Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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