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The question we ask most when we sit down each month at our service meetings.

We know that in some cases, simply turning a piece of technology on and off may fix the problem. But does it? Does it simply pause the problem? Does the problem still sit there waiting to jump back at the client, probably when it is most inconvenient?

As the company with the largest and most experienced aftercare team serving the high-end residential market in Europe, we analyse the exhaustive data collected from any service call we attend. We keep asking ourselves why it went wrong. What combination of factors made that happen? Is it happening in any other home?

Whilst our aftercare team have enormous experience, with access to 58 years of dedicated aftercare experience and a huge knowledge base to draw from, nothing beats sitting around the table and examining a challenge through many eyes.


“I have always been treated as if I am their most important client. It is so refreshing to talk to positive thinking people who really grasp what it is to give a client a great customer service experience. I have recommended Ideaworks to several friends and will continue to sing their praises.” – Chris Hope

In order to really appreciate how our elite aftercare team take the pain away for clients who adopt technology in their home, come and see us or contact our Projects Director, Stewart Keir. Let us show you the lengths we go in order to design out a service issue in the first place. Let us impress you with the intelligent infrastructure we have in place to fix things fast, be it any time of the day or night – often before the client even realises there is a problem.

Ideaworks: Aftercare is never an Afterthought.

Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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