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We have just received the final payment from The Beaumont Hotel, and are pleased to report that the project has finished on time, on budget, and has a very happy client.

Ideaworks were approached by the team at Corbin and King, proprietors of establishments such as The Wolseley and Brasserie Zedel, following their disappointment in the lack of natural light in The Colony Restaurant at The Beaumont Hotel. After consideration and consultation, it became evident that artificial lighting was the only option, and had to be employed to give the feeling of healthy, natural light penetrating the space, whilst enhancing the experience and wellbeing of all guests.

As a result of this brief, the concept developed was that of following diners’ circadian rhythms, and replicating the varying colour temperature and intensity of daylight as the day progresses, through breakfast, lunch, and into the evening. This, when combined with the need for simple and reliable control for hotel staff, presented us with an interesting challenge.

After research, two overnight mock-ups, and a presentation to the hotel’s owner, a bespoke variable white LED panel was developed in conjunction with ‘LED Flex’, which achieved a colour temperature range of between 2200K and 5000K. 114 of these custom panels were mounted above the large skylight, achieving even illumination in the restaurant below.

The real challenge, however, was to provide simple control and replication of the sun’s natural cycles. To accomplish this successfully, we developed a custom iPad application, which provided both manual and automatic control of the skylight. During normal operation, the system is set to transition both its intensity and colour temperature across the day, moving from cool, invigorating light over breakfast and lunch, into warmer, more relaxing light as the day moves through the afternoon and into evening service. In addition, restaurant staff also have the ability to select predefined scenes for special events, and edit these scenes at will. It is between these scenes that the skylight transitions over the day, so there really is true flexibility of control. Finally, when required, the staff are also able to adjust the colour temperature and intensity of the installation ‘on the fly’ with intuitive wheels and sliders.

With regards to product employed, this installation is elementary – simply 114 LED panels mounted over diffuse glass. What’s innovative and exciting in this case is the way in which the users of the space are empowered to use the installation, whether this be in an automated fashion, following the combination of eating services and the natural cycle of the sun, or manually for unique events and requirements.

Ideaworks are passionate about harnessing lighting technology to create a better environment that enhances our client’s lives and aids their health. If you have a project that you think could do with some real creativity then we would love to hear from you.

Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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