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I suppose you might. A quick search on any of the meerkat inspired insurance comparison sites offers you a huge range of prices. I suspect when choosing holiday insurance you would probably either choose a reputable company or if you choose to grab a bargain from then you would pay close attention to the finer detail.

Choosing an integrator should be similar to choosing holiday insurance – you want to know how they will respond when something goes wrong. Because things will go wrong, components will fail, user error may occur and accidents will happen.  How your chosen integrator responds when that happens is the key to your ongoing enjoyment of the systems in your home.


24/7/365 = nothing but 0.00939335

I haven’t seen a proposal or heard a pitch from an integrator that doesn’t describe their aftercare offering as 24/7/365. Easy words to say but it means nothing without understanding what you get 24/7/365. Is it someone who may pick up the phone if they are not on holiday at the time? Is it the A-Team? The infrastructure the company has in place to deliver on their promises is key.

So if you want some long term comfort then consider asking the following questions:


1. What is your telephone response time when receiving a service call out of hours? (30mins would be a good answer.)

2. What is your on-site attendance time out of hours? (Less than four hours?)

3. When does the warranty on the equipment start from? (When the final account has been issued would be a good answer. Certainly not from the date of purchase as equipment can be out of warranty by the time you move in.)

4. Are there any exceptions to the cover? (Look for a limit to the number of visits or capped value to the cover.)

5. How many dedicated service engineers do you have? (Dedicated means specialists used to dealing with common problems in a home and not an engineer who has to be pulled from an adjacent site and may have only seen the home for the first time. Having less than five or six means they can’t possible cover 24hours a day every day.)

6. Which components will you not carry service replacements for? (Every size of TV or projector in the property would be unreasonable but everything else should be available off the shelf.)

7. Please provide a copy of your aftercare terms & conditions.


Very few companies will be able to offer the same level of aftercare as Ideaworks but plenty will say they do. Ask the questions. Quiz your prospective IT/ AV installer on the infrastructure that is there to provide the level of service they are promising. If it sound too good to be true it probably is. If it sounds completely plausible then you probably didn’t end up picking


Aftercare should never be an afterthought.

If you want to have a chat about a potential project or if you are having problems with your current aftercare then we would love to help.

Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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