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Our biggest source of new projects is referrals from our existing Clients and Design Professional teams.  Its always great to work with teams who already know they will get great information and with Clients who trust that we will work hard on their behalf to give them a great outcome.

Sadly, another major source of new enquiries are from Clients who have had a less satisfactory outcome from their chosen Integrator.  This can be for a variety of reasons. Our Rescue Service provides an initial free consultation.  We will send in a team to evaluate the installation, check the specification against what was promised and come up with a plan of the options available to you to get things rectified.

We work towards making your system operate to the standards you were promised and to bring it up to the standard that means our dedicated Aftercare Team can fully support it.  We don’t do “sticking plaster” fixes.  If we can’t completely resolve the issues to a standard that we can go on to fully support, we wont waste your time or your money trying to patch it up.


How much can this cost?

Our initial free consultation will outline the issues we have found, highlight a range of options to resolve the issues and provide some basic idea of the costs involved.  Only when we have the budget costs agreed do we go on to provide a detailed quotation for the works.  We try to make this a fixed cost.  Where there are unknowns (like damaged or missing cables) we will provide specific quotations for these items if they arise.

Costs are sometimes driven harder by a lack of documentation, poorly labeled cabling or lack of access to any programs created.  Sometimes the majority of the costs are simply finding, labeling, testing and recording all the cables run around the house to enable us to make a definitive plan to re-install the system.  The better the information we can get about the installation, the faster we can produce a report.  We will always try and re-use as much of your existing equipment as possible.

Sometimes the fix can be as simple as a new program and some work on the IT system.  This can range through to fully stripping out, re-terminating and building the system wiring again, in a way that will be serviceable and reliable in the future.

Some of our most loyal customers have come from our Rescue Service projects where we have restored their faith in the products they purchased and the ability of the system to deliver what they were promised.

Most of all, we can provide the long-term Aftercare that gives peace of mind.

Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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