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We live in the ultimate era of consumer convenience. You can pretty much order anything online, have it delivered next day or even same day and return it just as quickly. Easier some might say than physically visiting a shop to ‘try before you buy’.

Not so easy when it comes to deciding how you want to control your home or design your lighting. How important is it to experience first hand before you commit to installing in your home? In our opinion: it’s essential!

Such an integral part of the design of your home, that you will interact with on a daily basis: not a decision that should be underestimated. Without experiencing first hand, how can you be sure it’s a solution you like to interact with? Do you like the look and feel? Is it simple to use? How is it supported? Will it work for your home and lifestyle?

That’s why we have our Experience Centre: A dedicated space for our clients and design teams to come and experience first hand what the world of Connected Homes and Lighting has to offer. Explore and compare various solutions for yourself side by side.

A place for new ideas and options you might not have considered.

The Ideaworks Experience Centre on Great Portland Street is an ever changing space. Simply stop by or book an appointment to come and explore for yourself.

Read more about the Experience Centre in this recent article from CE Pro Eu following their visit to meet Managing Director, Kevin Andrews.

Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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