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The Integration Industry is largely unregulated and the cost of joining is low. A minimal few days training to receive some accreditation, an image rich website saying all the words that websites say about what is possible and a van to load the equipment in.  It can take only days to move from enthusiastic technology geek to become a fully accredited Integration company

Carrying out due diligence to check companies out first is simple and easy to do.  Putting their name in the Companies house search will quickly tell you how long they have been in business, what kind of funding they have available and a lot of history about the Directors of the company.  Or choose a company like Duedil  to give you this information.  Secondly, take the company address, drop it into Google Earth and do a street view; does this look like a professional location with the facilities they describe? Or is it a serviced office address or just someone’s home.  If you are spending serious amounts of money, doing this kind of simple Due Diligence should flag any early warning signs.


A worthwhile exercise is to make the time to visit the companies offices and facilities, ask to look at the facilities they describe on their website and meet the primary people you will be dealing with through the course of the project.


It might even have been a good company that simply got in out of their depth, lacked the training, relied too much on sub-contractors or simply didn’t have the financial backing to complete the project through lack of funding or miss-quoted the job and couldn’t afford to complete it.  Sometimes the promised Aftercare simply didn’t exist.

At Ideaworks, we are passionate about providing great outcomes for clients and the professional teams they appoint to design and build their dream house or yacht. Although a large part of our business is “Rescue Projects” where we go in to fix poor installs, sometimes the design decisions made earlier in the project make this impossible.

If you want to talk about a project or simply get some free advice about your scheme then we would be delighted to help.

Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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