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Imagine a world where the sun shines in every room, regardless of the weather outside, or where the room is in the house.
Imagine walking into a basement and seeing the sun beaming onto the wall, oozing light into every corner.
CoeLux is the incredible light technology that artificially recreates the sun and the sky in your home.

The build up:

What people thought:

We are extremely proud to be playing an integral part in bringing CoeLux to you, assisting designers in planning lighting schemes around the light, perfectly positioning the CoeLux skylight to achieve the maximum effect from it’s very specific qualities. “It isn’t a luminaire. It’s an experience, and the focus of any space it occupies.”


In discussion with Kevin Andrews:

‘I haven’t stopped talking all day,’ says Kevin Andrews of Ideaworks, the company that has brought CoeLux to the UK market. Not only was there a  steady stream of people to the stand, but once people got there, they were in no hurry to leave.

Andrews makes no bones that this is version one, and the technology has further to go. No, the light source doesn’t move… yet. No, the colour temperature isn’t dynamic… yet. The void height needed is a metre. It consumes 340W of electrical power, but that will come down as LEDs improve.

There’s no shortage of illumination for that power, but the quality of light compared to, say, the seven LV downlights that represent an equivalent power footprint, is in a different league.

CoeLux is at the beginning of its commercial journey, and that’s reflected in the current cost. It’’ll set you back £40,000 from the factory gate, and another £3,000 to £5,000 for shipping and specialist installation. But the interest is already there, particularly for high-value underground installations, like gyms, for instance.

Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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