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As people get to know us, whether clients, fellow design professionals or new employees, it’s surprising how amazed they are when they experience the sheer magnitude of our company.

It’s not something that we would usually talk about; for us it’s just how we work every day. With the influx of new engineers we’ve realised that one of the most significant ways that we are amazing our clients is with our engineering operations and particularly our technical centre, in Faversham.

We thought it would be a great idea to shed a little light on our technical and engineering side, which is often overlooked by many, and share why we would focus so much time, space and resources on our technical operations?

Our technical centre houses our rack building and testing teams, and is a testament to how focused we are on delivering the most reliable systems – Our dedicated Rack Build team is responsible for building and wiring the main centralised AV and IT systems installed in all of our projects.

Racks are the brain of our systems, a nerve centre that everything relies on in order to function smoothly and efficiently and one of the most crucial elements to any integration project.

The racks themselves differ wildly from job to job, as the equipment is specifically tailored to the preferences and needs of the client, from multiple Sky boxes or AV receivers, through to music servers such as Muse.

As the main hub of each project, the contents within the racks are used to distribute high definition video to TV screens throughout a property, feed music to every room and manage the simple control of all devices through extensive IT networking.

The racks themselves are precisely wired to a ‘headend’ position that mirrors conditions on site, and are thoroughly tested in our rack test area before going anywhere near a site. We mock up the exact headend position in-house, allowing our on-site commissioning engineers to quickly and seamlessly install them once they’ve passed our rigorous testing process.

In the vast space – 8,000 sq. ft. – you’ll typically find 20-30 racks in various stages of completion at any one time, and due to the large amount of equipment it holds, between 1 and 1.5km of cabling will be wired and loomed in each rack.

Our focus on the technical and engineering side of the company is a reflection on our commitment to delivering simple, reliable and elegant installations. We know that none of our clients want to be laboured with faulty systems.

By building the best possible technical environment, and testing everything prior to delivering it to site, we ensure the best and most reliable experience possible.

Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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