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Interaction and engagement are two of the most basic considerations for any project we undertake as we constantly focus on the feel, the interaction and the immersive nature of the space.

Working on a global scale, designing and installing innovative technologies into some of the most impressive residential and marine interiors in the world keeps us operating at the peak of creative innovation.

Our day to day focusses on making interacting with our homes as simple and streamlined as possible for our clients. But as visual, audio and lighting experts, we can’t help but get excited at those ground-breaking innovators who take interaction to another level.
We’re always delighted when we get the opportunity to work with some of the best known designers who specialise in creating interactive installations using light and video as an artistic medium.

Here are 3 of the most innovative light and video artists that we’ve experienced:


1. Cinimod Studio

Those of you who have had the opportunity to visit the Ideaworks Experience Centre on Great Portland Street, will already be familiar with the work of Dominic Harris and his team at Cinimod Studio.

Having successfully worked with Cinimod for a number of years, we have first hand experience of their dedication to consistently push the boundaries of interactive art and lighting installations.


2. The Gray Circle

Creators of the visually stunning, the Gray Circle team produces Lightscapes, Video Art, Commercial Projection and even Live Performances.

From moving paintings and ghost like projections, to multi-screen video installations, each site-specific artwork transforms the spaces and captivates the audience, creating an evolving interactive experience for the viewer.

Whispers – An outdoor daylight video installation
A mysterious young girl appears and disappears ghost-like on the exterior wall of a 350-year-old chapel in Greenwich.

Les Ambassadeurs Club
Projecting into paintings and sculptures

Light tube sculpture – Regent High School in Somers Town Camden
Three dimensional light sculpture and digital platform for students


3. Jason Bruges Studio

Founded in 2002, the team at Jason Bruges Studio create bespoke interactive installations that connect people with their environment.

They have worked on some truly inspirational and ground-breaking installations, from the creation of a replica No10 front door that captures the movement inside Downing Street, to distraction artwork at Great Ormond Street Hospital aimed to calm patients on their way to surgery.

Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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