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Further education students in Kent and surrounding areas are set to benefit from our brand new training initiative aimed to inspire future engineering, project management and design skills in the South-East.

We are busy developing the syllabus in conjunction with schools and colleges around Kent to invest heavily in the training and development of future engineers, project managers and designers, with the launch of a new Ideaworks Training Academy based in Faversham, Kent.

We have a great history of investing in the future of our staff, with many of our 120 plus employees joining us fresh from school, college or university with passion and the drive to succeed. Now, those same school leavers that came to us with a passion for technology, get to work with the most innovative and inspiring technologies, on some of the biggest and most incredible superyachts and homes in the world.

“Training and development is at our core. Some of our best people have been here since leaving school or graduating from university. Now those same school leavers and graduates work on some of the largest superyachts and most expensive homes in the world. Our commitment to high levels of training and development matched with their passion is what got them there, and what keeps them at the top of their game”, says Ideaworks Operations Director, Chris Jones.

Our aim is to inspire and educate school leavers into a career in the design and installation industry. We work at the pinnacle of technology and innovation, so the experience will allow students unparalleled access to ground-breaking innovations in lighting and audio-visual technologies such as Dolby Atmos, the CoeLux artificial skylight and Ideaworks in-house control system MeSh.

Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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