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On the 28th February 2015, we opened our doors to hundreds of experienced audio-visual installers, engineers and IT specialists, as well as a whole host of graduates and those just looking for a career change, in our first ever careers open day.

It was an incredibly reaffirming experience; to meet like-minded people who work in the same industry, who are simply in awe of the amazing technology that we get to work with every day and the ethos of the company behind it.

It’s something that is easy for us to take for granted, be it the technology, the benefits or the people we work with. A huge number of us have been a part of Ideaworks for many years, so those little, amazing things just become part of the life we get to lead!

Simple things like having a company credit card to cover travel and expenses, or celebrating success of individuals and teams that are exceeding expectations, or training people with drive and ambition.

By all accounts it was a brilliant experience and for us it was a clear indication that we are doing things right.

If you are interested in having a coffee to talk about a role then contact us at or click here to see our current vacancies.
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Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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