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The centre of many a tech-fuelled water cooler discussion; the future of immersive cinema, has often been judged on improvements in visual technology.

4K, Quantum Dot or the inevitable “60 frames per second” debate, often seen as poster technologies for immersive cinema, are generally the focal point of such discussions – alongside a great deal of tiptoeing around 3D, the floundering elephant in an otherwise visually spectacular room.

Make no mistake, no matter your opinion on 60fps vs 24fps, the visual experience has come on leaps and bounds from its flickered roots. But, as enjoyable and visually splendid as the year on year upgraded video specs are, they have become an expectation, making it difficult to get excited about the next wave of ultra-high-super-duper-definition cinemas for visual specs alone.

With that in mind, it makes sense that one of the most exciting developments in immersive cinemas in recent times has come not from notable improvements in visual technology, but in the form of a revolution in 3-Dimensional sound.

Dolby Atmos is the first such technology to craft a 3D space with sound, using a revolutionary audio system to accurately place objects with pinpoint accuracy. Basing the system on “audio objects” rather than traditional channels means that sounds can be placed where they would naturally occur in a space, allowing them to move independently to create a breath-taking, natural sounding cinema experience.

It seems sound may finally be getting the recognition it deserves from the cinematic community, as at the very least, an equal in the audio-visual contract. It seems Atmos’ success stories are increasing daily; notably winning awards with ‘Gravity’ in 2014, and no doubt taking centre stage in 2015.

As the system continues to revolutionise the way sound is created by filmmakers and experienced by film lovers, the infiltration into home cinemas was inevitable, and it would not be surprising to see Atmos replace surround sound as the audio system of choice in the future.

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Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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