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In a world full of noise, shutting out the monotonous drones of everyday life can be a difficult task. Short of investing in silicone earplugs, what can you really do to improve what you hear?

Ideaworks have searched far and wide to bring some of the most incredible acoustic technologies to the London Experience Centre on Great Portland Street. Art, Science, Craft and Technology collide to form the Ideaworks Acoustic season, running from the 6th October 2014, until January 2015.

From innovative acoustic panels to bespoke felt surfaces, the Ideaworks Acoustics Season will feature exhibitions from:

Anne Kyyrö Quinn – Provoking a new genre of 3 dimensional interior textiles, Anne Kyyrö Quinn’s eye catching textures and motifs appear more as sculptured artworks, inspired by organic shapes and bold simplicity.

Soundtect Ltd. – With their acoustic function perfectly camouflaged by creative form and imaginative design, Soundtect offer a vast range of acoustic treatments for walls and ceilings, suitable for a range of applications.

John Boyd Textiles Ltd – Maintaining the tradition of horsehair weaving, fabrics are woven from the finest tail hair from live horses and cotton or silk warps using original looms and techniques from 1870.

Wobedo Design AB – Offering a range of decorative, innovative acoustic panels designed for the workplace, Wobedo’s colourful designs range from flexible workstation screens to bubble acoustic wall panels, aiming to improve health, wellbeing and performance in the workplace.

Selina Rose – Featuring delicate designs infused with her own distinctive colour palette The Award Winning surface designs from Selina Rose are suitable for a broad range of interior applications.

fibandco. – A new, sustainable veneer from the French Caribbean, fibandco.’s exclusive and elegant Green Blade technology allows architects and designers to enhance their creations, and raises the bar for renewable manufacturing.

RPG Europe – Producing and supplying a full range of Acoustic Panels, Diffusors and Bass Tools, RPG Europe cater to a range of applications from office developments through to recording studios or restaurants.

Elipson – First presented at Milano’s Triennale during Design Week, Elipson’s distinctive yet subtly formed ‘Sound Tree’ is a unique, scalable speaker designer inspired by the natural form of fruit bearing trees.

Relay Design – Dedicated to providing the best in European furniture, lighting and product design, Relay Design have supplied the functional and remarkably beautiful BAUX wood wool acoustic wall panels.

For more information, or to see these incredible installations please or call 020 3668 9870.

Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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