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The UK professional lighting industry’s most prestigious event, LuxLive, will be hosting 2 days of the most incredible sunlight ever created by man.

Conceived by Professor Paolo Di Trapani, CoeLux lighting technology has already been amazing designers and architects across the globe, and the London based lighting control and integration specialists, Ideaworks, are delighted to be bringing this to November’s LuxLive 2014, allowing visitors the chance to bask in the sunlight it produces.

With basement developments becoming increasingly more popular, the need to produce adequate and effective daylight has never been as necessary as it is now. With the potential for effective lighting to increase the value of basement spaces by around 100% per square foot, investment in breakthrough lighting technologies such as CoeLux is a no brainer for most savvy developers.

CoeLux artificially reproduces sunlight and the visual appearance of the sun and sky using nanotechnology, “The effect is so convincing, it touches all those unconscious references the human eye makes to decide if light is artificial or real” said Ideaworks Founder and Managing Director Kevin Andrews.

The system will be on display over the 2 days of LuxLive on the 19th and 20th November, at the ExCel London.

You can watch the CoeLux launch video here, or for more information contact


Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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