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The idea that multiple electronics around the home can be linked and controlled from a single device is not a new concept by any means. We, along with many in the custom electronic design and integration industry, have strived toward friction free controllable spaces for many years, with varying degrees of success.

There has long been a vast array of well-established control solutions, from limited dedicated systems through to applications on personal devices, but we’ve never really bought into the idea that a personal device is the best option for home control.

Even with Apple venturing into this ageing arena, our experience has taught us that a dedicated control system for all devices offers a far more concise and intuitive user experience. Multiple individual controls tagged on to a smartphone or personal tablet often leave users with a frustrated, clunky experience.

Around 5 years ago, discussions around the office turned to the available control systems, imagining that more intuitive control solutions are bound to saturate the market upon the release of the iPad; though it was quickly realised that this simply wasn’t the case.

Instead of a single integrated control system that could connect to any networked device throughout a home, the adoption of tablets resulted in many installers veering toward multi-app based solutions, carelessly tacked on to personal devices.

Although the outcome could be sold as similar, the lack of consistency in the user-interface, coupled with an array of technical bugs led us to an inevitable conclusion, reinvent control systems with our own solution, Mesh.

Watch the video and find out more about why Mesh is outperforms other control solutions; or visit the London Experience Centre and see Mesh up close, email us at


Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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