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For many of us audiophiles, disappointment is almost a rite of passage.

Most of us have spent days, if not weeks researching, reading reviews and listening to demonstration upon demonstration in showroom upon showroom until confidently deciding on the right combination of subs, loudspeakers, receivers and amplifiers for our installation.

Then it hits. Moments after installation, a wave of disappointment, a sinking feeling that quickly leads to the frantic programming of bass and treble levels, pillaging music catalogues to find something, anything to appease the sense of disappointment.

We wait eagerly, hoping for one part of one song to momentarily send shivers down the spine, delivering that warm mix of clarity and crisp audio perfection that was so prevalent in that particular showroom, that sold this system above the others. But it doesn’t happen.

It doesn’t happen because it wasn’t really the speakers that we were hearing, it was the showroom. In each case we were hearing the reverberation and resonance from different installations, but never really being able to consider the simple differences between the systems side by side, in the same setting, with the same music.

Of course the system we chose sounded amazing, the showroom was designed to make it sound that way, but we never really considered what it was that sounded so perfect.

Luckily we learn from our mistakes, we learn from the disappointment and strive to really hear the differences. But this comes with a host of new struggles, with it often becoming difficult to separate loudspeaker from location or remember exactly what the last system sounded like, with days between demos.

At Ideaworks we are different.

As audiophiles, we know that listening is a shared yet personal experience, with everyone having different tastes. We get to know our clients and their requirements, and are able to offer a range of bespoke audio installation options and invite you to experience each one.

Instead of setting up one system in a speaker specific setting, tuned for optimal resonance and reverberation, we use the incredible space available at our London Experience Centre to house multiple systems in one place, using the same audio to offer our clients a true like for like comparison. End use spaces are not always available, and with no sole affiliation but a vast range of regular suppliers, sourcing multiple systems is particularly easy for us, often having as many as 8 different speaker brands being compared under one roof, in a single day.

For the vast majority of us, a side by side comparison is enough, particularly if we’re unsure of the eventual available space. But what if you have a completed space and know exactly where you want each speaker to fit in your interior scheme, and all that’s left is picking the right system?

There is no better place for comparison than the eventual end space. As firm believers in going that step further, we are able to arrange demos of your selected systems in your chosen space, allowing a true comparison and giving you a sneak preview into the sound that will eventually occupy your home.

Not only does this completely eliminate the need for guesswork, but it also safeguards your satisfaction, ensuring you will never need to be disappointed with a sound system again.


Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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