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Over the last few years many real estate studies have suggested that London homeowners would rather suffer from a loss of mains water than a loss of Internet services. Certainly from our own research amongst ultra-high net worth individuals, whose financial interests rely on fully robust internet connectivity, this has always been earmarked as a key design brief.

With many futurists predicting that every home electrical device will soon be connected to “The Internet of Everything” the importance of reliable networks and fast, secure internet becomes even more prominent.

Whilst single homes can still present design challenges, there has been a surge in the need to connect multiple properties together. From would-be clients looking to develop large sprawling country estates in Hampshire, to those building a network of living and guest accommodation on private islands in Greece, each indicate the need for all properties to be linked together by the same computer network, often across great distances.

Of course this has a host of benefits. Allowing staff to be much closer at hand, guests to access the same stored movie and music library that serves the great house and more importantly, vastly improving security and CCTV monitoring by client teams.

While secluded country estates are notorious for suffering from poor internet and mobile phone connectivity access, having a single reliable computer network can mean that uninterrupted phone and wi-fi connectivity can be provided across the whole site, allowing owners to reap the exterior benefits of these estates without any sacrifice to connectivity.

There is also a cost benefit as the number of superfast, and equally expensive, fibre-optic leased lines into the estate can be reduced. Where initially an individual costly line for each building would be required – some of which will be routinely unoccupied – this can be reduced to as little as two for the whole estate (with one of these provided almost purely for “fail-over” just in case the primary service should go down).

With high speed, dedicated fibre-optic internet installed, estates can also be linked to other client residences worldwide. When this occurs there is no in difference communicating with staff, accessing devices, media libraries, or CCTV images wherever you are in the world.

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Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks

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