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Displayed on over 2 million square feet of exhibition floor space, CES is the biggest technology show in the world. It is also Las Vegas’s biggest event of the year with an additional 155,000 people flooding into the party town. Many companies hold products back in order to release them at this show. There is plenty of media coverage highlighting the headline products and while these reports will touch on the more interesting releases, the benefit of attending this show is really to stand back a little and look at the overall trends rather than the details.

High Definition audio merited its own sector. The CES show has long been famous for its widely scattered high-end audio demos in hotels all over Vegas. This year was no different. However, the problem for these audiophile companies is the general dumbing down of quality due to iTunes. How do you sell high quality audio systems when the purchaser holds all his content on his phone in MP3?

To make audiophile equipment more appealing, there is a clear move to try and introduce much higher quality, uncompressed, audio formats. Five companies were demonstrating DSD (limited range of content) and Sony has released a player that can handle DSD and all the other WAV, FLAC, Lossless etc. Watch this space as I think we will see increasing amounts of premium quality content at premium prices becoming available as record labels see this as an extra revenue stream.


Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks