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Ideaworks recently collaborated with pioneering decorative lighting designer George Singer on a stunning new piece currently on exhibition in the Saatchi gallery at the Strarta art fair. The piece, named Big Sexy Diamond, reinterprets the traditional chandelier design into that of a giant diamond in which the outline is also the light itself. It combines over five thousand high quality warm white high CRI LEDs, provided by Ideaworks, housed in gold anodised ribs. The piece is held together using intelligent joints created by 3D printing technology, custom made by iMakr.

The piece has drawn great interest, including national media attention. Bespoke chandeliers have become an all important factor in residential properties as they add an innovative, interesting and personal touch to the home in a way no other furniture or decoration can. Due to the increasing demand and complexity of bespoke decorative lighting Ideaworks have recently set up a decorative lighting department to provide an unparalleled service in this area to our clients.

The Big Sexy Diamond is currently exhibited at the Saatchi gallery but will be on display at the Ideaworks experience centre soon. For more information on George Singer and his work please visit his website at


Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks