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The event ended with an A and a B final. Adam DiBiasio may have been the smartest in the heats as we suspect he deliberately played for the B final and on winning it (Well done Adam!), he then progressed to the A final and came a respectable 5th.

Contrary to all the heats, the A final was a very serious affair. It quickly became apparent why Doug Wood chose Karting as after the first lap, he was not seen again and went on to win the race with a clear 8.076 second margin (He even admitted to studying the course on YouTube beforehand!). Second and third place were only decided after 10 laps of nose to tail racing in which Chris Jones secured second by four hundredths of a second from Chris Hinder.

If you think you are more Lewis Hamilton than Mario Kart then why not come and race a few laps on our racing simulator at the Experience Centre as part of our Boys Toys event. Contact for more information.


Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks