We’ve long held the belief that the systems we install are nothing without great media content (music, film and TV shows) to enjoy on them – it was this that led us to create what we believe was the industry’s first Media Concierge department in the early 2000s. We constantly evaluate the best sources of content available so that we can design our systems to suit. Over the last few years we’ve noticed a surging trend towards Internet streaming and download services that goes far beyond the very well known iPlayer and iTunes offerings:

Netflix has become a major player vying for our leisure time and apparently paid around $100m to purchase sole broadcast rights for the now-major hit series “House of Cards”. In the US Netflix is so successful that it now accounts for 32% of all internet traffic; YouTube by comparison accounts for 17% and is itself maturing to offer professional quality channels via its own paid subscription service. Amazon, who own UK service LoveFilm, and whose powerful servers Netflix uses, has recently commissioned pilot shows for potential TV series of its own. Bastion of the London cultural scene, Curzon cinema, has even launched a service for arthouse films, including brand new cinema releases. Since the disappearance of satellite service Platforma HD our Russian clients have been overwhelmed by the vastly superior IPTV service we’ve been installing from Kartina. All the major American sports leagues now offer subscriptions to view any live game via the Internet.

Kaleidescape have recently also updated their popular, and beautifully user-friendly systems, to begin supporting true Blu-ray quality downloads from its own online store.

Netflix are speaking about offering 4K (four times the picture quality of HD) films and TV shows within the next few years. Red, who make 4K cameras for the film industry and manufacturer one of the first 4K players available, have paired with a US company called Odemax in an aim to do the same.

For the ultimate in film content PRIMA Cinema have negotiated rights to allow US customers to download major blockbuster films for home cinema viewing on the day of their release in theatres.

With so many services available this is a key area, and one that we continue to monitor and research every day to ensure that our clients reap the full benefit both now and in the future.











Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks