As a large team of designers and engineers we collectively spend many hundreds of hours every month keeping up-to-date with the latest developments from every field of technology.  We’ve always shared and discussed interesting news through own social network.  As part of our rebrand we want to engage more with customers and partners to provide a better insight into our design process.  To that end we’ll be sharing some of the most popular items here.  To start things off I’ve picked my personal favourite items from the last year:

1.  Smart TV re-imagined by Smart Design.  Heather Martin discusses the current failings of the Smart TV experience and suggests possible solutions that manufacturers and custom installers can adopt.  Anyone interested in what the likes of Apple, Google and Intel might be aiming for in the TV market should watch this for some real insight:

2.  Serenity by Artefact:  Artefact won a BraunPrize for their beautiful looking home information concept:

3.  Room of the Future by frog design:  Accepting that in the future touch interfaces will be supplemented (or replaced entirely) by voice and gesture control, frog explore how this might work in the home environment and what might be achieved using today’s technology:


Johanna Fright
Brand Guardian at Ideaworks